Love Novel

Love Novel

Übersetzung:Simic, Mima
2022 - Voland & Quist
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Love in late capitalism: Ivana Sajko takes us into a war between kitchen and bedroom. He, an unemployed humanist, is trying to change the world and write a novel. She, a passable actress, has given up her safe job at the theatre to care for their child. He is delirious, she is on edge. With the rent overdue and violence looming on all sides, the two of them circle one another in a dizzying dance towards the abyss.

Sajko, Ivana

"Words and images to take your breath away." taz  "The experiences so original, the observations so sharp, the thoughts so clever." Frankfurter Rundschau  "A sound that tells of political and economic vacuums felt by people in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and the former Yugoslavia to this day." MDR Kultur  "Wow, what an incredible novel. The language! Thank you for publishing this book." Katja Schneider, Buchhandlung stories!  "When I first met Ivana Sajko and heard and read her writing, I instantly knew it was something special. I felt the force of her language, the pain of love and war, and I was stung by her clear and poetic Sajko sound." Clemens Meyer


Love Novel

Übersetzung:Simic, Mima

Sajko, Ivana

Originaltitel: Liebesroman

Verlag: Voland & Quist , V&Q Books (2022)

Sprache: Englisch

Klappenbroschur, 160 S.

200 mm

ISBN-13: 978-3-86391-330-4

Titelnr.: 95036895




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